How does membership care work?

Our membership care is very straight forward and simple. All you need to do is make an appointment, show up, go through the exam and get adjusted. Poof, you’re all set up with us!

What do I do now?

It seems confusing because of how simple it really is, but all you have to do now is utilize the membership and come in and get adjusted.

Are there limits to how often I can come in per month?

Absolutely not, we are in this for your health and well being. Lets just say you’re having a difficult week and things aren’t going your way, the stress is piling up and you’re really feeling the weight on your shoulders… Sounds kinda normal right? Well don’t forget we are here for you through out those very moments! During that week stop in or make a few appointments to relieve that stress and lift that burden off your shoulders, you will be happy you did.

So what is the catch? Is there hidden fees that we aren’t aware of?

Come on now! We said we are here for you remember? So to answer your question there is absolutely no hidden fees. Also, don’t forget we are investing in your health, we have opened our doors for you to come in as much as you need and we are billing you after the month of services has already been provided. As for the contract? Short and sweet, just like any business we are only asking you to fulfill your obligation to the small monthly payment of $79.99 or your specially tailored family plan.

So how long do I have to sign up for? Is this a yearly contract membership?

What’s cool about our office and our staff is that we want to see your health improve. If for some reason we aren’t doing that for you, or your life has become to busy then you can simply cancel anytime. We don’t think it’s fair to hold people to a lengthy contract when our lives have become so busy and ever changing.

Can you run through how this may look financially?


9/5/19 Call for an exam for membership care.

9/6/19 Show up for exam and decide if we are a good fit for you. If so, you will pay $139.99 after the exam and adjustment. This fee is to cover the doctor’s time, setup bill pay, file documents, print your membership card and fill out your profile. There is a lot that goes into a setup behind the scenes and we want to be transparent on our pricing. Congratulations you’re all set!

9/8/19 Your friend calls and insists you go golfing for the first time in 5 years. You agree because it sounds fun, but on the ninth hole you went to power your drive onto the green 465 yards away… It went horribly wrong, the slice ended your ball in the river at 75 yards and you’re left with lower back pain. Oh geeeez

9/9/19 Call and make an appointment that is convenient for you or simply show up during business hours and we will get you taken care of. At this time, Dr. Victoria will explain to you again how maintenance care works and how maintenance care will reduce your chances for injuries in the future. You swear you’re never golfing again but schedule another appointment for the 13th.

9/13/19 Your here for your appointment! Still swearing your never golfing again, but you are feeling better. You get adjusted again and schedule your next appointment for the 18th.

9/18/19 You’re back again for your appointment and feeling so much better. You’re saying you’re still not 100% but you are feeling great none the less. We insist you come back in on the 23rd and we make sure that your slight injury is gone and you’re feeling yourself.

9/23/19 We look out the window and you’re hopping and skipping to your appointment, screaming ” I’m feeling great”!! We’ll get you adjusted again for maintenance, and setup with another appointment on the 27th. We thank you for being a patient of ours and send you on your way.

9/27/19 You’re back again, and feeling better than ever! You receive your adjustment, after your adjustment you notify us that you are going golfing again that Saturday. That is when we know we have done our jobs and we put on our huge smiles. We do ask you to schedule for the 3rd of October.

10/3/19 Your feeling better than ever and you are extremely happy we have your best interest in mind. You get adjusted and rescheduled for the 13th and your on you way. Smiles are wide all around the office!

10/6/19 We bill your card for $79.99

Let’s take a minute to reflect on the value of the care you just received and its future benefits to you. In this month you were injured, you received seven adjustments all included in the monthly membership for $79.99 Now lets reflect on the average cost of another “local chiropractor”. Exam $95.00 and 7 adjustments at $55 comes to a grand total of $480. “Local chiropractor” over the last month has charged you half of what our monthly cost is billed for an entire year… and that was only over a month. Your health is our reward and as Dr. Victoria said “I find value in helping and supporting people in our community, and because I love this town and everyone in it I will take their happiness as a partial payment.


Just knowing that a small monthly fee has your back covered is a small piece of mind that offers such great benefits. So get in today, we have your back!

CALL US TODAY! We would love to improve your health! 701.799.2004

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