A Different Kind of Pregnancy Brain: Covid-19 on the Mind. Blog from Fargo Mom, written by Dr. Victoria Lau

“This has certainly been a different pregnancy. I’ve had so many ups and downs, thoughts, feelings, stresses, and worries throughout this pandemic. I know each person has their own thoughts about how COVID-19 is being handled, but as a pregnant mom we are having a whole different experience right now. We have so many questions.” […]

Chiropractic for Prenatal Care

Chiropractic and Prenatal Care, say what?  Yes, chiropractic is safe and effective in many ways, especially helping women in all stages of prenatal development.  Below is a compiled list of all the reasons to take advantage of our monthly membership, especially, but not limited to, if you are pregnant.   I personally have had the opportunity […]

New Year, New You… Blog from Fargo Mom, written by Dr. Victoria

“I know all you moms can do it, I know we all have it in us to be healthy and to stay there. I know we all will be strong. You are amazing in the fact that you brought children into this world, and that you can do anything. It just might not happen overnight! […]