About The Clinic

Narrator- “Hello, and pleasure to meet you. Can we start off by you telling us a little about yourself and your clinic?”

Doc Vic- “Hello, and it’s a pleasure meeting you as well. My name is Dr. Victoria Lau, you can call me Dr. Victoria for short. I am the practicing Dr. at Victory Chiropractic and Wellness. At Victory Chiropractic and Wellness we are an all cash, Membership based clinic that also sees patients per visit.”

Narrator- “Why did you choose to be a Chiropractor?”

Doc Vic- “I have been an athlete all my life. I was a great basketball and soccer player. But with these sports come injuries, and with the injuries the only relief I found was through Chiropractic care. It started as early as the 8th grade for me, chiropractic care got me back on the field. That’s when I knew the benefits of helping athletes on this level would outweigh the amount of schooling I would endure. But looking back now, helping people and families get healthy and stay healthy throughout their lives is the real reward for my job and it’s the motivation that keeps me moving on. I can honestly say that I love what I do.”

Narrator- “Wow that is inspiring. Can you tell us what is a Membership Practice?”

Doc Vic- “We have created a fee structure similar to a gym membership, and I would invite you to join. It’s almost like us giving you a key that unlocks all of the benefits from chiropractic at a small monthly investment. The idea is maintenance maintenance and maintenance, we can’t stress the importance of maintenance. Maintenance is one of those things that could be the deciding factor of an injury or a close call. If your body is running optimally more often than not your odds of an injury are dramatically reduced. So why is this so good? You will decrease your chances of those periodic injuries that result in visiting a chiropractor many times a week for a few months, leaving for a few months and coming right back leaving you with huge bills that seem to never get leveled up. With our maintenance membership care you will not have the ups and downs of pain that many are seeing now with the high cost of other chiropractors treatment plans. The benefits are simple, give me the opportunity to show you and I strongly believe you will be a lifetime member here as many others have. “

Narrator- “Can you define unlimited membership for me?”

Doc Vic- “It means that for one low monthly cost you have unlocked all the benefits chiropractic has to offer. You can schedule an appointment as needed as often as you want. At Victory Chiropractic your health is our reward.”

Narrator- “This is so different from all chiropractic clinics, why and how did you come up with this model of care?”

Doc Vic- “I felt so bad, so often. I would watch people pass on a treatment plans that I know they needed due to its cost. It is heartbreaking watching someone walk out of the clinic knowing that what I have to offer them can change their life dramatically mentally, physically, spiritually, and functionally.  So we sat down thinking of how we can greatly improve the people in our community by making chiropractic care so affordable that being in pain or discomfort can be a thing of the past. We also got to thinking about the Golfers, Fisherman, Bikers, Hikers, Runners, Fitness Gurus, ect. We wanted them to have an outlet to maintaining optimal health and performance. That’s when we formed this membership model of care and decided this is the best way to benefit the most people.”

Narrator- “Do you think by creating this affordable model you are devaluing Chiropractic care?”

Doc Vic- “I know that in my healing and promotion of healthy lifestyles. It has had a very positive impact on people’s connections and relationships with husbands, boyfriends, family, kids or what have you. It also has positive impacts on their overall view on life and work. To put it simply, folks in our care are just down right happier people and if I can help people smile on a daily basis they will brighten everyone else around them as well. I guess my question to you is “how do you put a price on that? And why shouldn’t everyone be entitled to these benefits?” I find value in helping and supporting people in our community, and because I love this town and everyone in it I will take their happiness as a partial payment.” 

Narrator- “So why have you gone away from insurance?”

Doc Vic- “Most insurance companies have very specific rules that state that they will only pay for medically-necessary care.  They often times say that if the intent of care is to a) promote health, b) prevent disease, c) provide treatment for a chronic condition, or d) improve quality of life, that care is medically-unnecessary and should never be submitted for insurance consideration.  Rest assured that our intent is ALWAYS to do at least 3, if not all of those things. We think a happy, healthy, optimally functioning community carries benefits to everyone within it. So, between the fact that our care is not considered medically-necessary, and the fact that most of you have a higher copay and deductible than our actual fees, we are essentially severing our ties to the insurance companies and creating a membership practice that also serves individuals that want to come in and pay for a single service.” 

Narrator- “What are your rates if you don’t mind sharing with us?”

Doc Vic- “The Wellness Membership Program initial visit cost of $139.99 includes an expedited consultation, exam and first adjustment. We provide the care, after the month is up we  automatically charge the $79.99 to the credit card given and kept on file. We aren’t asking for money up front, we will provide the services and bill you at the end of each month you are a member. If you are married or have a family we will tailor a plan just for your needs.  We understand that life changes as we move through it, so if you need to cancel your plan, that can be done anytime. Just call and let us know. As for single adjustments we charge $50 per visit and that is charged at the time of service. We prefer you schedule your appointment, but we also know that life is busy and it may be most convenient to just pop in. We welcome you and we will slip you in when we get a chance.”

Narrator- “Who is the majority of your patients?”

Doc Vic- “Honestly it could be every single face you may see throughout the day. That’s the beauty of this. It starts with the gal or guy that took your coffee order this morning, made your lunch, checked out your groceries, the very co-worker sitting next to you to the folks that own the places that employ the very men and women that work hard to make our days what the are. We have created something that is truly for anyone and everyone.”

Narrator- “Ok, say someone wants to sign up. How can they get ahold of you?”

Doc Vic- “Call us, email us, Facebook message us or stop in.  Set up a time to come in for a brief consultation, orientation, and adjustment.  Also, go to the front page of our website and take the Optimal Health Assessment.  It takes a few minutes to fill out, but we will be able to use it to discuss your current level of health, quality of life, and create a strategy to optimize both.”

Narrator- “Any last words before we end this interview on your clinic?”

Doc Vic- “Thank you for taking the time and interest in learning more about what we are, who we are and what motivates us. I just want to end with a little saying that we use, we are not cheap, but we are affordable, fair, and all we truly want is to build a life-long relationship with you, your family and friends. Now get in, get your membership and begin your journey with other like minded, healthy folks!”

What People Say

Dr. Victoria Lau is amazing, in the past she got me through two pregnancies without any back/hip pain and recently I messed up my back and she and the wonderful staff have gotten me back to pretty much pain free and taught me ways to help strengthen my back/core myself.

Katie Lemke

I would highly recommend Dr. Victoria Lau to anyone for their chiropractic needs. I know her on a personal level and she is a very caring and compassionate individual. She will no doubt strive to get you feeling your best!

Kara Edgerly

I can honestly say that I’ve never never seen someone just as compassionate and caring for complete strangers as she is for her own family and friends. Her patients are her life. Her work is her passion and her caring nature for people sets her apart from others. You won’t find a better person to be your chiropractor than her.

Chris Lau

Let’s begin your health journey.

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