Lead. Teach. Serve. Grow.

Some things just fall into your lap at the right time.

In July, I was accepted into the Fargo Women’s Leadership Program through the Center of Technology and Business – North Dakota Women’s Business Center.  This was very exciting for me as I was just starting to show some healing after being diagnosed and living 2 months in my bed with Lyme Disease.

I was ecstatic!  I was hoping I would be well enough to join the organization and to help further my skills in leadership, but to also help others do the same.  22 women were chosen in the Fargo-Moorhead area to do this program. It took time, 5 hours each gathering, once a month for 6 months. It took persistence, in each individual digging deep into why they were there and what they needed to take away from such an amazing program.  I was there not only to further my leadership, but to meet other women that may be in the same boat as I (a small business owner), gather insight as to how to grow in business and personally, as well as to gain life long friends, that we can now lean on each other in times of difficulty, but also always build each other up.  

This December, myself and 21 other wonderful women graduated from this program.  We made it! We persisted! We Inspired! A large takeaway for me is the importance of surrounding yourself with like minded individuals, and others that have similar goals…to move forward and grow.  I may not have it all down pack, that’s for sure, but I have also realized that I am not doing as bad as some days I feel with life stressing down on us with every moment. Being a business owner, a wife, a mother of 2 crazy, wild boys, and oh surprise, baby #3 on the way, have for sure made me lose my mind at times, made me want to crawl into bed, and yes, eat all the chippers I can. BUT…  ALL these things IN MY LIFE have built me up, given me resilience, and strengthened my bond with people, with family, with the community I live in, with other women that have similar ups and downs, but are too, growing, stretching and pursuing similar goals or searching for their right path.

Some of these women are business owners, some are looking for a career change, a shift, or move up a level, some have created non-profits.  We may have had our differences, but I do know for dang sure, we all want to grow, to move forward, to expand our mindset, and to sometimes “jump”, take a leap that we may have been scared, timid, or reluctant to do so in the past.  We were there to do it, to learn from each other and to encourage each other to be brave, strong, brilliant in our own ways and take the first step to creating a rewarding life that we want to make for ourselves, family, friends, and community.

I encourage ALL in our community to find their niche.  Find a group of like minded people that you can build on each other, for each other, and for the good of all.  Find a place where you can LEAD. TEACH. SERVE. GROW. It may not be a leadership program, maybe it is joining a local non-profit, or a networking group, but we need that.  Society has grown so fast in an era of technology that we sometimes forget that the best friendships, fun, laughter, growth, joy, and even therapy come from those that we can have a LIVE, IN PERSON communication with!

So get out there.  Find an area that draws your interest, and if you don’t have a specific interest, try things out.  You’ll never know what you can gain if you don’t take the leap!  

If you ever need assistance in growth, networking, or any area in life, I may not have all the answers, but I sure as heck will do my best to lead you in the right direction!  I have 21 other women in my corner now that will be sure to have your back as well!

A special thank you to the North Dakota Women’s Business Center for creating this leadership program and allowing me to be a part of it!  What a great organization.

A little FYI: Applications are open for the 2020 program! Check it out and I would be glad to help you all apply!

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