Body Mechanic

Did you know that movement begins at your core?  That you cannot lift your arm without engaging all the muscles, nerves, and spinal control from the center first?  One thing to always remember is that you move better, breathe better, function better, If your spine can control that better.  And in order to control those actions, the spine needs to have the best movement and circulation to it and the best way to get that is through regular, maintenance chiropractic adjustments.  Now each person may require those at different amounts. If you sit all day every day for 10 hours a day at work and never get out of your chair, your spine may require more maintenance care, if you are up and about throughout the day, you may require less.  This can be determined by a Chiropractic exam, adjustments, and you…your body will let you know when it feels best.

One thing I can guarantee is that once you know what it feels like to move well and feel good, your body will be able to tell you more regularly what type of maintenance it needs.  Think of your body as a vehicle, it takes you from point A to point B, it stops and goes, it runs smoothly, it has hiccups, and sometimes it slams on the brakes. Now just like a vehicle, your body needs maintenance care.  If you were to stop changing the oil in your vehicle, there will be problems, maybe little and insignificant at first, but then you will have a drastic change in vehicle function and your vehicle will go into panic mood and potentially even stop running.  Now your body has a better chance of continuing to run as you can feel those small insignificant problems and catch them before you stop functioning and the best way to do that is through regular maintenance chiropractic care. Just like a mechanic checking all the oils and lights of your vehicle each oil change, I will do the same at each chiropractic visit.  Adjust what joints need to correct movement, test specific muscles that may be aching more after a weekend of camping or a long road trip, and together we can keep your body running, with less hiccups in between and more time for you to get to know what it feels like to have a strong, smoothly running body.

Let’s keep you at your peak performance with maintenance visits to Victory Chiropractic and Wellness, a.k.a. Body Mechanic.  I promise to do my best to keep you tuned up and functioning like a well oiled vehicle!

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