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It is our opinion that the best approach to chiropractic is the one that allows the majority of the public to receive the most benefit from what it has to offer.

With extensive and comprehensive training in chiropractic, nutrition, and holistic health we are qualified experts in the wellness field.

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At Victory Chiropractic and Wellness we are an all cash, membership based clinic that also sees patients per visit. Call us today to see how affordable we have made chiropractic care.

 Helping people and families get healthy and stay healthy throughout their lives is the real reward for our business and it’s the real motivation that keeps us moving on.

Dr. Victoria Lau

“I know that in my healing and promotion of healthy lifestyles, it has had a very positive impact on people’s connections and relationships with husbands, boyfriends, family, kids or what have you. It also has positive impacts on their overall view on life and work. To put it simply, folks in our care are just down right happier people and if I can help people smile on a daily basis they will brighten everyone else around them as well. I’ve always asked how do you put a price on the benefits of our care? And why shouldn’t everyone be entitled to these benefits? That’s why we decided to offer a monthly membership where you come in as you please. I’ve always found value in helping and supporting people in our great community, and because I love this town and everyone in it I will take their happiness as a partial payment for our affordable service.”

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